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Hello & Welcome!


It's a pleasure to have the chance to share with you who & what we're all about at Valiance.  We're on a mission to deliver the single best counseling experience you've ever had.  We believe in being an industry leader in mental health care by blending a commitment to hospitality with dedication to excellence in service.  Our team of experts are poised to offer you and your family expert coaching and professional counseling like you won't find anywhere else.


If you're ready to take the next step, we're ready to support you along your journey.


Thank you for choosing Valiance.  We value your trust and consideration.


With gratitude,    

Justin Carotti

A Message from Valiance's Founder, Justin

Meet the Team

We know that life's always asking tough questions.  To find the answers that matter, you need a counselor who can coach you too.  

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Valiance was built on the belief that good therapists should be able to coach people through life's toughest moments too.  You take mental health seriously, and so do we.  Our team of professional therapists are licensed to provide exceptional, private, and personalized care.  And we don't stop there.

Each member of our team has preformed at a high level in their personal life too.  They've coached and been coached.  They know what it takes to fight through hard moments, overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and dream big.  We help people unlock their potential and achieve what they're capable of. 

VALIANCE (noun):

the qualities of strength of mind or spirit

that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery

If you're ready for a balanced approach to mental health care, it's our pleasure to be considered a resource for you and your family.

Professional Associations

  • Why Coaching?
    When you think of coaching, think about athletics. Most athletes need coaches, right? They're trying to get better in their chosen sport. Well what about you? You're trying to get better! Time for a life coach then. To get to where you're wanting to go, you need to improve, and you can't do it by yourself. Great coaches build relationships first. They know that those that they coach won't be open to feedback unless they trust their coach. Improvement occurs at the speed that trust can be developed. Valiance coaches are relationship experts. We're formally trained as therapists and counselors. We know the value of building strong alliances with those that we work with. We prioritize a personalized approach with every client we work with. Great coaches are also keen observers of patterns. They watch closely, with an attention to detail, and with the goal of maximizing performance. Great coaches focus on the future, without dwelling to much on the past. They orient towards what's possible...towards "can do's"...not towards "can't do's". Our team of coaches are special. Each team member at Valiance has not only been coached at a high level, they've also performed at a high level. They know what it takes, and know what it feels like to be coached well and coached poorly. If you're ready to improve, then coaching can help. As professionally trained counselors and real world high performers, our team is unlike any other in that we can do both! Let us help you in your journey towards self betterment today.
  • Why Counseling?
    If you're feeling stuck, lost, unmotivated, anxious, depressed, confused, or uncertain about the future, then counseling is probably for you. A great counselor forms strong, personalized, and private relationships of trust and support with clients that open up a space for honest self reflection. Informed by psychology, counseling looks to examine a client's connection to the past, present and future, while considering the client's emotional, behavioral and psychological strengths and challenges. The goal of counseling isn't to be a cure-all. Life will always have it's ups and downs. The goal of counseling is improve a person's overall functioning so that those ups and downs can be navigated more smoothly in the future. Great counseling should feel collaborative. The relationship with your counselor should be strong, secure and consistent. If you work with us, you get that, and more. We not only form invaluable relationships with our clients, but do so in a way that empathizes quality care and exceptional service. Our team of professional therapists and counselors are experts in working with child, adolescent, and young adult mental health care. If you're ready to experience the difference of working with a counselor at Valiance, click below!
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