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College Advising

Preparing for Post Grad and Beyond

Is your son or daughter unmotivated to discuss next steps after high school?  Does it feel like you're dragging them through the process of planning for the road ahead?  Maybe they already went to college.  Did they stumble out of the blocks their freshman year, or had to withdraw all together?

Post grad planning doesn't come naturally to high schoolers and for those students who had a hard first go at college, planning may seem like the last thing they want to do.  If this sounds like a familiar situation, then our college advising approach is what you're looking for.  We focus on providing expert advising services with an emphasis on forming trusting and personalized relationships with students and their families.

All advising services are completed remotely.  No in office appointments required.

College Advising Sessions

Student's have the choice to work on any or all of the following with their advisor:

  • Test Score Evaluation

  • School Exploration & College List 

  • Major Selection

  • Application Completion & Support

  • Resume Overview & Creation

  • Essay & Supplemental Essays

  • Financial Aid Review

  • Final Submission Check & Review


One Time Sessions

Need a hand with something?  Work with an advisor in a single session options can help.

Here's how we can help:

Strategic Planning Session 

For rising seniors in HS. Full planning session to prepare for application process.​

Expert Essay Review

Have your college essay and supplemental essays editorially reviewed to perfection.

Mock College Interview 

Have a college interview coming up and need to prepare?  Practice with an expert.


Resume Build

We can help you build your very first resume or help you tweak the details on your final copy.  Don't let your resume be the weak link in your application.​



Learn more about the college admission timeline here or click the video below to learn how to best approach your child's transition post grad.

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