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Life Coaching vs Therapy
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Understanding how our Private Life Coaches for Young Adults Work

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As a parent of a young adult or adolescent, you're undoubtedly navigating the challenging waters of adolescence, where growth and self-discovery often come with their fair share of obstacles. It's only natural to want the best for your child and provide them with the support they need. But when it comes to addressing their emotional and personal development, it's essential to understand the difference between therapy and life coaching.

Therapy: Nurturing Emotional Wellbeing


What It Offers:
Therapy is like a skilled navigator helping your child explore their emotional landscape.  Our  licensed therapists and professional counselors are experts in addressing mental health concerns, trauma, and emotional distress. They delve deep into the past and present to uncover and support emotional and relational challenges.

When to Consider Therapy:

  • When your young adult is grappling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse concerns, 

  • When they've experienced trauma or loss.

  • When their emotional wellbeing significantly affects their daily life.

Life Coaching: Unleashing Potential


What It Offers:
Life coaching, on the other hand, is like a co-pilot guiding your child toward their goals.  Our team are NOT ONLY licensed therapists and professional counselors, they are expert coaches that are well versed in helping young adults clarify their objectives, create a roadmap, and build the skills needed to achieve success. Life coaches tend to be forward-focused as they look to harness strengths and focus on what's possible

When to Consider Life Coaching:

  •  When your adolescent seeks clarity and direction in their life.

  • When they want to improve their decision-making and goal-setting abilities.

  • When they're looking to boost their self-esteem and confidence.

The Synergy: Therapy and Life Coaching at Valiance

Sometimes, the most effective approach involves a combination of therapy and life coaching. Therapy heals emotional wounds, while life coaching empowers your young adult to embrace their full potential. Together, they form a powerful synergy that can help your child thrive in the complex world of adolescence.

This is why Valiance has combined these approaches to offer a powerful counseling combination that emphasizes relational connection and aims for results.  You're not just getting a therapist when you work with our team, your getting a life coach too.


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