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How To Find Us

Valiance Counseling & Coaching proudly serves clients and their families residing in the state of Connecticut.

Contemporary Counselors, Therapists & Life Coaches Serving New Haven County, CT

Valiance Counseling & Coaching provides professional counselinglife coaching, and college advising services for emerging adults, adolescents and young professionals from New Haven County.  New Haven County is nestled in the southern part of Connecticut.  It is a vibrant and diverse region that seamlessly blends rich history with contemporary urban living. The county's allure is undoubtedly amplified by its dynamic atmosphere, which magnetizes a substantial number of young adults and professionals seeking a compelling blend of opportunities, culture, and quality of life.

About New Haven County

One of the primary factors contributing to the significant influx of young adults and professionals is the presence of several renowned academic institutions within the county. New Haven County boasts the prestigious Yale University, an Ivy League institution that has consistently attracted top-tier students, researchers, and educators from around the globe. 

New Haven County's magnetic appeal to young adults and professionals stems from a combination of its prestigious educational institutions, diverse job market, cultural richness, commitment to sustainability, and a balance between historical charm and modern living.


All of these factors contribute to why Valiance proudly serves those who live in this county.

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